Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A variety of programs are offered for adults and youth in the areas of local history, creative writing, poetry, Shakespeare, genealogy, and public speaking. We also offer fun ways to practice the use of similes, metaphors, and idioms. Advanced scheduling is a must.

Call to schedule a field trip at The One Room Schoolhouse or have Mrs. Stokes come to your classroom: (502) 759-5243


Presentations can be brought to your facility or your group can come to The One Room Schoolhouse, suite 124, Mellwood Art Center.

• Provide assistance to teachers in local history activities that connect community resources to their classroom curriculum, which increase the depth and breadth of both the teacher's and the students' experiences.
• Provide assistance to teachers in creative writing and poetry that connect with their classroom curriculum.
• Demostrate how actively engaging students in a class project of genealogical research will increase and personalize their interest in American and world history.

• Increase linkages between disciplines that are standards-based and focus on student work, resulting in authentic exhibitions of learning.
• Help design high-performing learning environments that encourage out-of-the classroom work and allow students to achieve high standards.

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